White Hat SEO Techniques Every Blogger Must Know

White Hat SEO Techniques Every Blogger Must Know

White Hat SEO Techniques Every Blogger Must Know

It is imperative for you to use only white hat SEO techniques that will get you positive results without compromising your integrity. If you want to get banned and lower your site's ranking, then consider black hat techniques. Of course, no serious blogger will want to have his business' reputation jeopardized just because he tried something silly. This said, white hat SEO comes with numerous benefits that bloggers can enjoy. These include but not limited to - high ranking and unmatched reputation for the blogger and site. 

White Hat SEO techniques that you can implement:

High quality content

If you are running an online business, you will realize that high quality content is king. From the word go, many search engines have always insisted on relevant quality traffic for every industry and site. If you write long complex sentences, it might not go well with search engines. In fact, short sentences with relevant content are easily searchable. A few years ago, Google Penguin and Panda algorithm changes threw many sites into disarray - you want to make it to first page? Write great content!


The best way to raise your search engine results is to use keywords effectively. Take note that there are short and long tail keywords for every industry, and combining the two is always a plus for bloggers. As a word of advice, ensure that you use reliable keyword research tools so that you can target what is relevant to your blog. The good news is that there are quite a number of tools out there that you can use; some are paid and some are free. It all comes back to the money you are willing to spend to get better keywords, how they rank, and knowing what your competitors are targeting.

Catchy titles and metadata

Marketing experts have always advised on the use of catchy titles or headlines that are sprinkled with keywords. This is one thing that Google spiders always go for anytime someone searches for specific phrases or words. It is equally important to consider metadata as a blogger because it eventually affects how you rank. However, be careful not use any black-hat techniques as you will get your site banned by search engines. Furthermore, you might lose reputation that has taken time to build by applying unethical techniques to cheat search engines.

HTML Code Optimization

This is yet another technique that you can use to ensure that your site ranks high in most, if not all search engines. In this case, you can go ahead and optimize head, title, link, or anything relevant. It has proven to bring results in a short period, compared to the other methods that fall in the same range. Also, it is one technique that will bring in positive results for a pretty long time. If you combine several methods, the results are usually terrific. Nevertheless, you are advised to do some research prior to using any method of your choice.

Social media platforms

SEO is changing fast with numerous techniques popping up every day. These changes are subject to what search engines consider to rank a site. Presently, social media platforms have become the in-thing for marketers and bloggers because of their effectiveness in driving traffic to designated sites. In fact, big search engines like Google are now using this to determine popularity of a site. If you strategically position your brand on social sites, you are guaranteed of positive results. Remember, these kinds of sites offer great options on how to build your brand, too.

Link building

Inbound links will make your site be highly ranked and you will be able to move to the next level without any problem at all. Nevertheless, don’t try to cheat search engines by doing something wrong and the results will be negative. For the inbound links, they keep readers on your site for long (which is a consideration for ranking), but also helps convert customers if the content is great. Linking building works for all manner of business and pretty easy to implement. High quality inbound links are needed for you to see any success.

It is of utmost importance for you to target keywords, and understand where they are placed on your site as a blogger, especially if you want to monetize your blog. Thereafter, try to see how many times the very page has been visited and what returns you have received. If the results are high, you can try to monetize that particular page soon. And if they are low, then you can try to get around it so that results will improve. Oftentimes, the higher ranking web pages are the backbone of businesses that are ready to generate income. Last but not least, see to it that your site is well protected and is responsive. It is with these methods that experienced bloggers have been able to remain on top of the game for pretty long time.

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