7 Ways to Make Your Client Stay Long-Term (and for Good!)

7 Ways to Make Your Client Stay Long-Term (and for Good!)

7 Ways to Make Your Client Stay Long-Term

There is nothing good like having a long-term client who is willing and ready to pay top dollar for your work. As a freelancer, it will not only help you pay bills but also improve your portfolio. However, most new freelancers have no idea of how to make a client happy, or if they know then they are not doing it the right way. The following are tips for you to consider if you want your client to stay for good. In fact, if you follow all the information availed in this guide, you will have a lucrative business for the rest of your life.

Tips to make your client stay long-term

There are quite a number of tips that have proven to be effective in regard to sustaining clients in the long run. These include but not limited to:


It is of utmost importance that you consider professionalism in what you do as a freelancer. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, may it web design, copywriting, video production, transcription, or anything. Just ensure that you get to a point where every client you work with appreciates your efforts. In this way, you will be able to keep most clients for a pretty long time. As a matter of fact, do not hesitate to review work if asked to by clients.

Solve client's problems

In this business, clients are looking for someone who can help them solve their problems, and are always ready to pay high rates if everything is done properly. It is for this reason that you should always inquire about the finer details of each project. If possible, offer alternatives that can help the client. This is definitely one of the things that will keep your client coming back to you for solutions. As a word of advice, under promise but over deliver on the work you make.

Be creative and become an ambassador

It doesn’t matter what kind of jobs you are doing, but the fact is that you should be creative enough to make the client stay long. For instance, if you are running an agency and have worked with several clients, then you can easily offer free ads on your web. Additionally, try to add value on what you offer by delivering high quality work consistently and do a little bit of extra work for them. In this case, you will get attention from your clients and they will be glad to work with you for long-term.

Network for your client

As a freelancer, you will realize that everything is interconnected and no one is an island. As months and years go by, you will notice that you are engaging different people in the course of your work. The best thing is to help your client network with people or businesses that are relevant to them. You will be surprised that you become a point man in their business strategy in no time. Of course this comes with extra perks that will make your online business flourish too.

Details of project

Many clients want their jobs delivered to perfection, and this is one thing that you should always be focusing on every day. Ensure that you understand every project and follow all the guidelines to the letter. This might seem trivial at the beginning of your career, but as you proceed and gain more experience, you’ll realize that it matters so much. In most cases, clients will want to work with you because you deliver exactly what they want. Nevertheless, you should beware of clients who will not only demand, but throw tantrums and are unreasonable in what they suggest- solve each issue amicably!

Market their brand

There is one thing that clients are always looking for - partners! If you became a partner, then you'll become part and parcel of their brand. This is something that they will always consider when trying to reach out for freelancers. Take note that this doesn’t mean you stop what you are doing and market their brand full-time, but try to create leads in some way. For instance, with the best brands you can use them as samples to prospective clients.

Make them look good

In freelancing business, making a client look good will always create a better environment where you can work together for long. You should not keep annoying your client by missing deadlines, providing shoddy work, or being rude when you have differed over an issue. This will build trust and dependence, or which is a vital component to stay afloat in this business.

All in all, always be professional and remain focused to your objective and goals. If you do so, you’ll be able to sustain your business and get opportunities to increase your bottom line.

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