How to Use eBIRForms Offline Software for Filing Tax Return

How to Use Offline eBIRForms Package for Filing Tax Return

Hello readers! It’s been a while. I know you guys have been waiting for this post as I promised from my last post about taxes. However, I’ve been too busy doing stuffs for my clients and travelling with my family so I really don’t have spare time in the past few months. Anyway, I’m here again to continue my series of tax posts and I promise to be as detailed as possible like the previous ones.

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How to use eBIRForms for filing tax return?

1. First, download the latest version of the Offline eBIRForms Package here. Once downloaded, extract the file, run the installer and follow the prompt. Done installing? Okay, move on to the next step.

How to Use eBIRForms

2. Run the software and fill up the information on the fields. Save it so that the next time you open eBIRForms, you’ll just have to enter your TIN and the fields will be filled up automatically.

How to Use eBIRForms

3. If you need any BIR form, just choose on the dropdown list and click “Fill Up”. For example, I need to pay my Monthly Percentage Tax so I’m using the Form 2551M. Upon choosing that form, it will show you a new window with the filled up form.

How to Use eBIRForms

4. On Part II which is Computation of Tax, click “ATC” and choose PT010 – Person Exempt from VAT Under Sec. 109V (Sec. 16). Note that this guide is meant for freelancers who registered non-VAT. If not, just choose whatever is applicable to what you’ve registered.

How to Use eBIRForms

5. As you can see, a new field appears. Enter your income on the box of “Taxable Amount” and voila! Your tax has been computed automatically by the system.

How to Use eBIRForms

6. Click “Save” and “Validate” your form. The system will notify you if there are errors of required fields that you missed.

How to Use eBIRForms

7. Once validation is successful, you can now “Print” your form. Make sure to print 3 copies. Other banks ask for 4 copies so just print an extra one.

How to Use eBIRForms

8. If you’re done, go back to the previous screen and click “Submit / Final Copy”. A box will pop up reminding you to pay on Authorized Agent Banks or via GCash.

How to Use eBIRForms

9. Click “OK” and wait for the email notification. Congratulations! You’re all done.

How to Use eBIRForms

Don’t forget to pay your taxes on time on any Authorized Agent Banks within the jurisdiction of your RDO or via GCash to prevent penalties. After paying, there’s no need to go to the BIR to manually submit or file the form. That’s the advantage of using eBIRForms; you no longer have to go through the hassle of lining up in the BIR office to submit the documents. By the way, here's the sample email confirmation from the BIR.

How to Use eBIRForms

Happy Tax Filing!

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    Hello po. I’m newbie po for filing tax. Please help me po. Nakalagay po kasi sa COR ko na monthly percentage tax. So ibig sabihin po ba yang form na yan ang gagamitin ko? 2551M? Iba pa po ba yung babayaran monthly at iba pa sa quarterly? Pasensya na po. Di ko po talaga maintindihan. Sabi po kasi ng accountant na natanungan ko, sa quartely lang ako mag babayad. Please enlighten me. Thank you so much po

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