Upwork Payment Method Comparisons - Which is the Best One?

Upwork Payment Method Comparisons

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Upwork Payment Method Comparisons

It is important to use a reliable payment method as a freelancer, in order to access your funds in good time. For convenience purposes, you are advised to use freelancing platforms that offer several payment methods. Having said this, Upwork is one the top freelancing sites available on the internet today. It does not only help freelancers access thousands of jobs every year, but it is reputed for its high quality customer support. Its model is tailored to buffer against theft of your works, and at the same time facilitates relation between client and freelancer.

Upwork payment methods

This site offers several payment options that make it pretty easy to transfer funds to any destination you so wish. In case you have you have any issues with transaction you, can easily contact customer support. However, take note that the method you choose determines how fast you receive funds, charges levied per transaction, and of course, the amount you can do in one transaction. If you happen to join the site, you will be able to use any of the following to get your payments.


This is one of the most popular money vendors we have today - it is kind of de-facto payment method for a big number of freelancers across the globe. In regard to fees charged per transaction, it will vary based on the country of origin. If you're from a country that PayPal does not offer direct bank transfers, you can use the money to pay merchants, buy goods and services, or trade with it on any business of your choice including money markets. It is vital that you have a verified PayPal account to remove the limits and avoid any illegal acts. Upwork will charge $1 to transact to PayPal and these are often payments are instantaneous but can also be delayed up to 24 hrs.


Skrill that was formerly branded Money Bookers is also a reputed third-party vendor. It is important to open an account with them, adhere to their rules, and ensure that your account is verified before you start sending money in that direction. If you comply with Skrill requirements, you can send your money to them. Upwork will also charge a fee of $1 to this transaction without any problem. Payments are immediately transferred to your Skrill account. It is upon Skrill to do currency conversion based on prevailing exchange rate and they might also charge you a small fee for these services.


This is still a popular payment method that has literally helped thousands of freelancers across the globe. The good news is that Upwork also includes it in its payment methods, and you can transfer your funds directly to its prepaid MasterCard. And thereafter, you can access your money in any MasterCard branded ATMs and stores (both online and offline). It is vital that your Payoneer account is verified to avoid any hiccups during the transaction process. Upwork will charge you $2 fee for the transfer of money; and it take typically 24 hours to 2 days for your funds to be credited in your Payoneer account. Even though you don't have a Payoneer card, you can also transfer your money from Payoneer to your bank account.

Wire Transfer

Upwork can do wire transfers to freelancers who have a valid bank account. It is one of the safest methods that you can bank on to get your money. The SWIFT system is relied on for international transactions and you are always guaranteed to get your money. In this case Upwork will charge $30 because it is a little expensive for them. If you are living outside the US, it is upon your home bank to determine the exchange rate. Also, wire transfer can be delayed due to holidays but you are always guaranteed that you will get your dues. Individual banks do rules that must be adhered to, and so ensure you are acquainted with these requirements before transacting the money.

Local Funds Transfer (LTF)

This payment method by Upwork is touted not only to be safe, but pretty fast and quite dependable. It covers multiple countries and can be set up easily. Nevertheless, the cost-per-payment will vary from one country to the other. This is one of the best ways to reduce or eliminate incoming bank fees associated with these kinds of transactions. The payments take 2-4 business days in some countries like Canada, Australia, and Philippines. On the other hand, some countries might receive the payment same day to 3 days; and these include countries such as Kenya, Pakistan, Columbia, and Bangladesh. You have to meet requirements of your home bank too, and enter correct information while transacting.

ACH Direct Deposit

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Deposit is quite popular with freelancers who are within the US jurisdiction. In this case, you can transfer the money to any of US bank account. In this case, you must have a US bank account for you to successfully deposit money in it. It takes 2-5 business days, but you must meet requirements of the bank. If you do so, then it is likely you will experience no problem. Upwork charges no fee on this one-it is totally free.

The bottomline is that, whichever payment method you choose, you can definitely get your hard-earned money from Upwork. 

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