Upwork Contract Ended, Now What?

Upwork Contract Ended, Now What?

Upwork Contract Ended, Now What?

It is always disheartening for many freelancers on Upwork when a well-paying client finally ends a project. And worst still, if you solely depended on one client to pay the bills. This means they have to start bidding once more in order to catch the big fish. If you have experienced this before, then you should actually think of doing several projects concurrently to avoid any hiccups. As a new freelancer, this guide will help a great deal to avoid drought that can have a negative effect on your finances. The million dollar question that even experienced freelancers love to ask is, what is the next step to take?

What to do next when your Upwork contract ended?

Find multiple clients

It would be naive if you have one client that you solely depend on at all times. As a freelancer, you should be quite flexible in everything you do as you develop other skills. To begin with, make it a point that you have several clients from the word go. This is something that will buffer you in event the client unceremoniously closes the project. In fact, anything will not catch you as a surprise when you are well prepared.

Bid wisely 

It is highly recommended that you bid wisely on any given project, as this is something that will help you remain engaged for a long time. In this case, do not only bid on jobs that you see clients have spent x amount, but even on those that are yet to spend a single penny. These are the first-time clients who are waiting for the right fit. It is imperative for you to think of it as a gold mine - many have had their proposals accepted and worked with the same clients for years. If you have been avoiding such clients, you need to make a change of mindset.

Repeat client strategy

There is nothing as important as having repeat clients as a freelancer who is just starting out. Remember, clients are the backbone of this industry and so having a good number is always beneficial. The trick here is to do a great job that guarantees positive results; and if a job is about to end, you can ask client if he/she want more help in other projects if available. What this means is that when you get a client, do not just do the job but ask and offer suggestion that can add value to given tasks.

Have a great profile and rating

On Upwork, there are many high-paying jobs that are sent directly to freelancers. The one thing that you will always enjoy with private invites is the fact that you can negotiate your rates upwards. Therefore, you are advised to have a killer-profile in place, and also ask clients to leave great rating for you. In as much as most clients send their job descriptions to the board, Upwork offers opportunities for private invites. These are the kind of clients who solely depend on the profile and rating - if you do well during the interviews, then you are good to go!


There are literally millions of freelancers today trying to break even in this industry, but only a few are making it to the 6-figure bracket. In this case, no one might know who you are, what you offer, and the value they can get. As a matter of fact, these are only but a few reasons why you should up your marketing strategy with Upwork profile being your number one weapon. You will realize that not any given time will you worry when one of the Upwork projects is ended.

Tips to consider as a freelancer

It is imperative for you as a freelancer to enjoy your craft and at the same time, get the bills paid in time. This is only possible if you have a number of clients in your pipeline, and have better marketing strategies that will always ensure new clients. If you have been thinking of freelancing for the rest of your life, here are some tips for you to consider:

  • Always have updated portfolios and a strong social platform presence.
  • Tell Clients value you can add to their specific tasks
  • Always have a target audience-don’t shoot aimlessly.
  • Have a website that works and showcases your skills.
  • Your rate should be value-based.

There is nothing as important as getting the right things done at the right time. On Upwork, there are thousands of jobs sent by clients who are looking for high quality work. Keep bidding and ensure that you do not compromise on solutions you are offering. As such, you will have consistent work for a pretty long time. Strategy is the main thing that separates top-notch freelancers from the rest. Therefore, be as professional as you can be at all times.

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