Dealing with Unreasonable and Demanding Clients

Dealing with Unreasonable and Demanding Clients

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Dealing with Unreasonable and Demanding Clients

Freelancing career has its ups and downs and sometimes clients can get on your nerves for no good reason. Oftentimes, this happens to everyone who has decided to choose this career path. If you are operating in a different realm, then you won’t have this problem at all. It is quite a daunting task to deal with unreasonable clients especially if you are not good at psychology. This means that you must learn some basic skills that will help you not lose the client, and at the same time have your way. This said, here are some important points that can help you achieve the best end results.

How to deal with demanding clients?

Identify the client

This is one of the most important steps that you can take when you are about to deal with hard-to-please client. There are several tell-tale signs that you are about to start dealing with a client who will become a nuisance to your business. To begin with, the client will start asking if you can add features before even thinking of project rate. If you are a web designer, the client will unreasonably try to ask for the job to be completed within a very short time. In all cases, it will become pretty difficult for you to deal with someone who has already made up his mind.

Listen and explore alternatives

If you are a freelancer and have started working on the project, you should take time to listen to what the client is saying. In the mean time, put up your guard and ensure that you try to lift up any veil to understand client’s point of view. If it is unreasonable, make it a point that you offer alternatives that will help you get the best results. In other words, try to handle the entire situation reasonably having in mind if all does not go well the project can be terminated.

Stand firm

This is a little bit tricky for those who are just starting out to freelance with no clients, experience, or samples to show their clients. However, standing firm on what you believe can save you time and money. As a freelancer, you shouldn’t let down your guard when clients start putting forward unreasonable demand. Further, you should stand firm in regard to rate you are offering. If the scope of work is increased, ensure that you increase your rate too. In this business, you will occasionally come across clients who will want to take advantage of your skills and pay peanuts.

Communication - emails not phones

It is not quite easy to deal with clients who are over demanding, overbearing, and quite unrealistic. This is especially if you opt to use email rather than take phone calls. Remember, some are out to rip you off and will certainly use phones to get out the message loud and clear. In order to respond to their demands, you can respond with sugar-coated responses to see direction the discussion will take. If the client is still nagging and wants more for less, it is high time you think about discontinuing your relation. At the end of the day, not only will you be able to save time but also money.

Avoid being overwhelmed

It is highly advisable not to get overwhelmed by unreasonable clients so that you opt to go their way. In case you have been taking calls and client insists on things that you had already stated you won’t do, then stop taking the calls altogether. However, try to communicate via email and reason out with the client. There are those who will understand and some will see your explanation as hogwash. For those who believe in the latter, you can as well tell them goodbye. It is for this reason you are advised contract clients who pay in milestone - in such a scenario it becomes a win-win situation.

One-time deal

This is one of the best things that new freelancers can do so they can build their portfolio, and also increase the chances of getting hired. As a new freelancer, you might come across such a client and have the feeling to give in to their unreasonable demands. In case you choose this path, make it as clear as crystal that it is a one-time deal and it won’t be repeated. This puts the client in a dilemma especially if he/she is thinking of sending more jobs to your end. In other words, next time the client will do, think twice before trying to ask for unreasonable changes.

Last but not least, if you know that the demands will affect the end result and compromise your integrity, you better find your way out. You can as well stop the project and go on with clients who are reasonable. It is all psychological when dealing with clients who are quite unreasonable.

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