Top Plug-ins to Use on Your Blog as a Freelance Writer

Top Plug-ins to Use on Your Blog as a Freelance Writer

Top Plug-ins to Use on Your Blog as a Freelance Writer

There are innumerable plug-ins in the marketplace today that you can use as a freelance writer. However, not all will give you better positive results in the long run. In order to choose the best for your writing ventures, you must consider your needs before making a choice. Also, consider how many times the plug-in you want to use has been downloaded, ratings, updates, what reviews say about it, and whether any professional writers are using it and what their view is. If you do so, then you’re likely to make a better choice. 

Top Plug-ins to Use as a Freelance Writer


If you have never heard of this plug-in before, then you must be new to freelance writing. This is a versatile web-based tool that will not only help you back up your content but at the same time, offer you the ability to export your work in text format. It is for this reason that makes it a top-choice for bloggers - both new and seasoned. Furthermore, with Quabel, you can type with type writer sound and this makes those who like this kind of sound enjoy every bit they are working.

Windows Live Writer

It is indisputable that with windows live writer, you can even put more value from your writing activities. It makes it possible for bloggers to manipulate image, spell check, offers easy HTML tables, and of course, automatically syncs changes prior to re-editing any pieces. If you are a new writer this one can help you a great deal. Importantly, it includes maps from the Virtual Earth enhancing the value of every piece you craft. It has helped thousands of freelancers break even in the industry and make it big saving both time and money.


This plug-in can best be used by freelance writers who want to enhance their productivity and beat deadlines without burning out. It helps you stay focused and on track, and you can time yourself without necessarily panicking about whether your productivity is in question. Overall, this is not a writing tool as such, but a timer that can help you write great content and not compromise on time taken to craft the very piece. If you are looking forward to per hour rate tasks, then this is what you can go for whether you are seasoned writer or not.

Written? Kitten!

This is one of the tools that will keep you motivated if you love to write long blog posts that are quite educative. A kitten pop-up after every 100 words is meant to motivate you, but you can as well change that to a puppy. Of course, you must be the kind of person who really likes pets lest these pop-ups become a nuisance. You can also determine how often the pop-ups show by setting specific words. In this way, you will not be distracted by them at any given time you’re writing. Take note that this plug-in is loved and hated in equal measure. It is a matter of likes and preferences - the choice is in your hands.

Popular Post Plug-in

If you are a determined blogger who is ready to stay on the top of the game, this plug-in will offer you valuable information of popular posts. In other words, you can set in such a way that you will know what trending posts talk about. This is the kind of tool that will always help you drive relevant traffic to your site. Of course, you must also include SEO techniques for search engines to find your site fast.


This is one of the popular plug-ins that professional bloggers love to use, but was originally created for avid novelist. It is a versatile tool in regard to organizing your work to improve productivity levels, and the best thing is that it is not so complicated. If you are new to blogging and want a tool that will help you plan better, then make this plug-in your number one choice. Basically, you will plan your projects better and be able to work with folders, statuses, labels, and anything in this line.

Other plug-ins to consider

The fact is that plug-ins you choose to use is more often based on your unique needs. While the above-mentioned tools are versatile in different ways, using two or three can help you have better end results. In this range of top writing tools, you can as well use the following: comment redirect, block spam-by-math, thank me later, Google analytics, Revision control, and Front-end editor. Generally, there are well over 40,000 tools you can use, and the best thing is that you will always get one that will meet your unique needs.

If you are considering freelance writing or blogging as a career, always choose tools that are worth your time and effort.

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