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What my previous clients say about working with me...

Making my clients happy is my top priority. I see to it that they get the satisfaction for what they've paid for. Read the testimonials below from some of my clients.

Finding Kaila was a blessing from heaven. I had been struggling with a project for what felt like an eternity, and it seemed like I would never finish it. Then I found Kaila. She stepped in and quickly optimized the homepage I had been working on to be responsive for tablet and mobile devices.

But Kaila didn’t stop there. She also created twelve (12) short educational videos explaining where I had gone wrong and how I could better accomplish this task in the future. She is knowledgeable, a great communicator, and prompt in her delivery. Kaila is a rare find, and I hope to work with her again.

Joel Putnam 


I just want to say that it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you for the past 3 years. I know that as a web developer, it’s easy to think that you are just a “contractor” that simply gets the job done… (which you do… very quickly!)

But you are not a normal contractor for me…. you are part of our TEAM!

That’s because your work is incredible. I’m so thankful that you’re on call to help us with our web development needs, and your work has been a large part of our growth over the past couple of years.

Again, THANK YOU for being a pleasure to work with. You are, and will always be, a part of the WODprep Team!

Ben Dziwulski -  Head Coach and CEO, WODprep

I find it hard to give a review for Kaila without sounding like it is fake or I was paid to do it, because it will sound too good to be true. However, she is a MASTER of her craft! I hired her to redesign my website, and she exceeded my expectations 1000%! She took difficult requests and completed them so professionally and quickly that she surprised me at every marker of completion.

I have always been hesitant to work with web designers, graphic artist, etc. remotely, because I always found the service mediocre to average at best. I can’t say enough about Kaila’s competency or the quality of work she delivers. If you have the opportunity to get access to her services, count yourself lucky. I sure did!

Dr. Robert Ramirez -  Chiropractor, Owner of Pathways Brain & Spinal Care

100% top quality work that was delivered in an expedited manner although I did not request it. I have had my share of freelancers and you will not be disappointed with this one. Kaila is on a whole different level of expertise, she truly is, there really is no other comparison because she is the best.

Joe Shimkonis -  Owner, Moped Direct

Wow wow wow! I’m in awe at Kaila’s generosity but most importantly her expertise and prompt response! I mean everything was done in minutes! Her sense of ownership and pride in her work speaks volumes. I’m definitely going to rely on her expertise going forward with all my website needs!

Thobile Jiyane  

Kaila is amazing and my experience with her is among the best I’ve had with a freelancer. The quality of Kaila’s work was exactly what I asked for. She also finished the job in practically no time at all. Kaila works fast but she doesn’t compromise quality. Highly recommended!

Eric Stone -  Author and Music Educator

I am truly thankful for finding Kaila. My site was in limbo and needed to be overhauled as well as my business needing to get back on track. Kaila was able to communicate effectively to map out a plan and then execute that plan to perfection. Her knowledge of WordPress, Thrive themes/plugins is top-notch and her work has gone above and beyond my expectations. I plan to continue working with Kaila on many other projects. If you are looking for a one-stop shop for web services, Kaila is it!

Rick D. Lewis -  Life Coach

Another outstanding job done by Kaila! She is always fast, efficient and does impeccable work! In some cases hiring a freelancer can be stressful when you are unsure of the quality of work you’ll receive. With Kaila, there is no stress! It is always TOP QUALITY work. If you make sure to explain your vision well she will NAIL IT! Even if you need some tweaks she’s extremely receptive and quick to make corrections. I highly recommend Kaila and am thankful to have her on my team of trusted professionals.

Benjamin Ramos -  Chiropractor, Athlete, Owner of FlowForce Rehab

Kaila was amazing to work with. She created a fully functional and eye-catching website that will be sure to support my growing business. I’m very excited at the prospect that this new platform will provide. She was accessible and easy to work with. Each and every request was met in a timely manner and to specification. She was able to complete all of the required work in a short amount of time, ensuring that my site was accessible to users prior to a major event launch. I highly recommend Kaila for all of your website design needs.

Brian Christopher Shea -  Author of Nick Lawrence Series

Kaila is a genius!!! I originally got her 3-5 days turnaround package because it’s cheaper than the 1-day turnaround. But to my surprise, she was able to deliver the complete website the next day! She works extremely fast. My requested changes were done fast as well. The website looks amazing! She saved me a couple hundred hours in phone calls to tech company customer service sites, and probably death at age 35 from a stress-related heart attack. Kidding aside, she did a great job finding a workaround on things that are really hard to handle. Aside from web design and development, she also helped me set up my email campaign on Drip and some graphics edit on my book covers. I appreciate all the great work.

Jason Kasper -  Bestselling Author of David Rivers Series

I highly recommend working with Kaila for your web design needs. She helped convert my site from Beaver Builder Editor using a SPS theme to Thrive Themes with Thrive Architect editor almost seamlessly. Her work was excellent and SUPER quick as she is a Thrive & WordPress Expert. Others had quoted me up to as much as 2 weeks to complete the job, but Kaila got it done in a couple of days even while she’s traveling. I also had a few more tweaks that I wanted her to do which were completed in another day! Her prices were competitive and her work is professional. She also shared a few ideas of how I could make the site better and she was right! I will be using her services again in the future, for sure!

Rosalyn Stewart -  Owner of The Label Link

Kaila is THE BEST! If you are unsure or delaying who to hire for your project then do yourself a favor and click the button to hire Kaila now. She is an absolute master of all things Thrive and WordPress, she is very intuitive, she is an excellent designer, she is a great communicator and very easy to work with. After seeing her profile and feedback, I knew Kaila would be a top choice. After working with her, I now know that she is one of the best people I have ever worked with anywhere. If you have a chance to hire her, you will soon know this, too. Kaila is amazing.

Scott Foster -  Healthcare Engagement Speaker, Owner of Wellco Corp

Kaila’s high quality work speaks for itself. She is professional, courteous, and super fast. Kaila continues to help me in multiple fields of online business: keyword research, blogging, website development, ecommerce store design, amazon listing creation, and overall web maintenance. Her knowledge of online business is vast, and she is not afraid to suggest the best way of doing things based on her prior experience: a quality I truly appreciate. Honestly, I’m wondering if there’s anything she can’t do. But even if there is, she’s resourceful enough to figure it out on her own. I’m looking forward to working with Kaila for a long time to come.

Sunny Shakhawala 

I found Kaila because she initially gave me some very helpful advice about my website for free! I put together my website myself using Thrive Themes and I was struggling with the details to get it looking professional and consistent across all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile). Hiring Kaila to help with that is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She polished everything up beautifully and made some excellent suggestions to improve upon what I’d done. I was nervous about giving someone access to my WordPress dashboard but she was extremely professional. Her turnaround time was VERY fast. Everything was done within a day. I barely noticed the time difference (13 hours from US EST). I would absolutely and without hesitation work with her again in the future!

Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins -  Ob/Gyn Physician, Certified Health Coach at Women's Wellness Coaching

Kaila is a pleasure to work with! She created a new personal logo for me, updated my website’s design, and greatly improved the site’s responsiveness – all in under 48 hours! She is a consummate professional with strong communication skills, and fun to work with. She is now my go-to web design partner!

Glen Waisner -  Managing Partner at Catalyst Consulting Partners LLC

I hired Kaila to make my Travel business website and she did not disappoint! SHE IS OUTSTANDING. Fast, reliable, and has gone above and beyond to help me with web glitches. I love everything she did and the price was phenomenal. STOP LOOKING. Kaila can do any web development for you fast and efficiently!

Shelby Dziwulski -  Founder of Authenteco Travel

It is such a pleasure to work with Kaila. She is fast, efficient, and best of all, come up with great page designs. Communication with her is fast and prompt, I would highly recommend Kaila.

Steven Kuo -  Executive Warrior Coach

Kaila had great intuition about the vibe and goal of our website. She was patient with several iterations of edits, set up the site such that it was easy for us to maintain, and even provided training videos for how to perform key tasks. I’ve already recommended her to fellow entrepreneurs.

Megan Mayzelle -  Founder of Scriptoria Solutions

We hired Kaila to help with website design and we were very pleased with the results. She does great work, communicates effectively, and is considerate of our budget needs. Highly recommend!

Andrew Watts -  Author and Founder of Severn River Publishing

I would highly recommend using Kaila for any of your website needs. I spent about 3 months trying to teach myself everything possible about web design and quickly found out it was much more complicated than I anticipated to create the site that I wanted. Thank goodness for Kaila. She is blazing fast. It only took her one week to build my entire website (not to mention fix the mess I created when from trying to build it myself). I wish I would have known about her earlier and saved myself the time and stress of those 3 months. She not only did everything I asked from a detail and design aspect, but also gave me great input on how the flow and design of the site would work best. I also had her create several infographics for me that turned out better than I could have expected. I will definitely be using Kaila again in the future.

Jordan Jones  

Kaila, far exceeded my expectations. She stepped in like a pro to assist with numerous issues I was having with my website. She was able to suggest a new theme that I love and give my website a fresh new look that is optimized for web and mobile, and also optimized for sales conversions. She was available to discuss the job quickly, and her communication during the job was top notch. She really made the difference for us during an important launch and we will definitely be using her services going forward! I’m so glad to have found her on Upwork.

Luevenia 'Vena' Sterling -  Career Coach, Work-Life Strategist, Founder of Leader Nirvana

I really like working with Kaila. I was looking for a Thrive Architect expert and she does a great job! She knows Thrive Architect really well. She’s been fast, reactive and very helpful when we faced some technical issues. Kaila did a great job on my complex sales page and homepage. The work has been delivered efficiently, with flexibility and is exactly as per the specs, with a few nice extras. I’ll work with her again. Thanks Kaila!

Cedric Kieffer -  Founder of Paid to Exist

I needed my website migrated to WordPress platform and some design improvements in a short turnaround, and Kaila was quick to respond and deliver an excellent end product. I am very happy with my new site! She has also been super helpful and patient with responding to my questions as I got used to using the new site and making small tweaks to suit my preferences (the technical side of things is not my strong suite). I highly recommend Kaila’s services and I will use her again for sure!

Stacey Olson -  Experienced Business Professional, Certified Coach at Aim Coaching Consulting

Kaila is fabulous start to finish. I needed a complete redesign of my website, and she did an amazing job. She is thoroughly knowledgeable about the Thrive suite of products, quickly and easily solved problems as they came up, and communicated throughout the entire project. I have several additional projects coming up, and I plan on using her for each of them.

ToriAnn Perkey -  Mentor, Teacher, Founder of Homeschool to Homeschool

The quality of Kaila’s work was excellent. Her level of expertise working with Thrive Themes is at an expert level, she is aware of all the new developments and how to implement them. Her communication was exceptional. Turnaround time for my edits was very quick. I am hiring her again for another website, and will hire for client websites as well.

Renee Harrison  

Kaila is an amazing freelancer, extremely competent and would highly recommend for anyone looking to hire her skills. Kaila was one of our first freelancers we hired and has completed tasks for us off and on for several years. Very professional, very honest and always available if you have any concerns, just gets on with work, following instructions with ease and is very easy to manage.

Danny Jaques -  Affiliate Marketer

Kaila was an unbelievable help in quickly getting me a fully responsive website designed (everything but the content as I requested). I’m talking 24 hours quick! I am looking forward to using her again for my next projects. Thanks Kaila! Until next time, take care!

Kelly Lawrence -  Digital Marketer, Founder of Speak Volumes Global

Kaila did a great job with design and implementation of the landing site! She also was very reliable helping troubleshoot items when some compatibility issues arose. She is very responsive (just keep in mind the 12-13 hour time zone difference). She also jumped in to help rescue another site when it went down, even beyond the scope of the original job! I will look forward to using her again.

Dr. J. Scott Ries -  Family and Emergency Medicine Physician, and Founder of iFactor Health

Kaila is an absolute pleasure to work with and an all-star with Thrive Themes. She is definitely an expert and does excellent work! Her communication throughout the job was great and she was able to put together exactly what we were looking for! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kaila on several projects now and she ALWAYS delivers excellent work in a very timely manner! I cannot recommend her services enough! She is extremely skilled and a great person to work with. I really look forward to working with her again.

Benjamin Ramos -  Chiropractor, Athlete, Owner of FlowForce Rehab

Kaila is knowledgeable and efficient. She communicates well and is responsive to questions. She went beyond my expectations when she did a quick screencast for me about how to make some changes to a template she made for me. I highly recommend her and will use her again!

Scott Pope -  Real Estate Agent, Broker at Nautical Properties

Once again Kaila completed this job for us with excellence and great communication! She’s always on top of the project. This is something that would have taken forever for us to complete but she was able to execute the job very fast. I can’t recommend her services enough and we will definitely work with her again!

Dr. Michael Li -  Chiropractor, Owner of Mobility Plus Sports Rehab

Kaila was easy to work with and did a great job on my website. She had a solution to every request I made and implemented changes swiftly. I will be sure to ask for her services again in the future.

Karl Moran -  Owner of Date Operator

Thanks Kaila you are really amazing! You fixed my website problem in just a couple of minutes, I spent lot of time trying to fix it but I wasn’t successful. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a professional web developer. Thank you so much Kaila.

Luca Giannoni  

I couldn’t be happier with the work Kaila has done for me, Communication was great, it was easy to explain exactly what I wanted and the website looks great, not to mention she was super quick with the project turn around, it was a pleasure and I will be working with Kaila again for sure. Thank you.

Patrick Lopaski -  Training Consultant at NATAS Asbestos Ltd.

Kaila has been a tremendous addition to our ever expanding Offshore team. Her attention-to-detail and ability to follow through guidelines and deliver is second to none. She now is a preferred partner for us for all our web designing requirements. Kaila has been a very good resource on one of our very important customer projects and has delivered consistently to a high degree of quality. The extension of her contract from what started as a couple of weeks of work to over 20 months of engagement is a testament to her consistent performance.

JP Kumar -  Owner of Net Canyon UK

Would highly recommend this young lady, she was not only brilliant with her work, she took the time to totally understand my needs on this project. I am very much looking forward to working with her in future and cannot wait to build another site now! I am actually actively looking for new sites to get going!

Ryan Carruthers -  Property Investor, Owner of Venture Property Lincoln

Kaila does excellent work. Her rates can be a bit high compared to other people out there, but she’s reliable, fast and a great communicator! Kaila was great on all counts, and I have already recommended her to a friend and hired her for another job! She was fast, cooperative, friendly, skilled and did a great job. 5 stars all around, excellent experience.

Ruth Schwartz -  Award-Winning Author, Educator

Hiring Kaila is the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve now built 4 different websites with her, and her attention to detail, ability to turn my ideas into reality, her response time, and her overall attitude is the best I’ve ever worked with.

ToriAnn Perkey -  Mentor, Teacher, Founder of Homeschool to Homeschool

Kaila is awesome at what she does and always delivers quality work. I will be back to hire Kaila anytime I have a complex task that requires a bit extra. Thanks a lot and I look forward to working with you again soon!

Alex Eriksson -  Owner of Anabolic Health Blog

Kaila was a pleasure to work with. She is a good freelancer, very good communicator, does the work quickly and really made sure the project was done successfully. I will keep her in mind for future projects.

Dr. Katharina Johnson -  Medical Intuitive, Energy Healing and Spiritual Mentor

Kaila was outstanding both with her speed to complete tasks given to her and the quality of her work. This job has been completed successfully but I will be hiring Kaila for my next projects.

Dr. Michael Smith -  Founder of Planet Naturopath

Kaila is a dedicated freelancer, with great communication skills. I had a great experience working with Kaila for the past few months and would love to hire her again some day. Thank you!

Sebastian Schaffer -  Yoga Instructor

Kaila does exceptional work. She’s very creative and resourceful. She took a task and delivered something beyond my expectations. Great work! She is a great communicator, very skilled, and always very positive. I look forward to working with her again.

Jan Zands -  Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Have used Kaila for some time now for many tasks, is very good at what she does, learns very quickly on new tasks, extremely efficient, very honest and can highly recommend to other employers. The only reason for ending this current contract is to offer Kaila an improved hourly rate that she fully deserves.

Danny Jaques -  Owner of Smart Price Warehouse

Oh my god! If I could give Kaila 6 stars, I would. I have loved working with Kaila for the past 3 years. She was AWESOME, wonderful, fantastic, everything positive. She exceeded my expectations in link building and she helped a lot using the software Buzzstream. She was helping me with my clients and of course I will DEFINITELY hire her again in the future. You can rely on her to get things done. Her English is good too! You should hire her before someone else does. I wish I could bring her to the United States.

Francisco Meza -  Owner of Planet Marketing

I am very pleased with Kaila’s work. Her attention to detail and communication skills are very good and was able to readily grasp what I asked her to do. She proved that she works at speed and I frequently had to feed her more data so that she would not become idle. Thank you for the good work, Kaila.

Philip Martindale -  Owner of Alcander Ltd.

Absolute pleasure to deal with and very patient, insightful & skilled in working with wordpress and Thrive themes. Look forward to working with her again in the future.

Pete Pennicott -  Director, Financial Planner at Pekada

An excellent experience, this freelancer goes the extra mile to get the job done on time and for a very reasonable outlay.

Erron Adams -  Professional Trader, Owner of Authentic FX

Kaila has a fantastic work ethic and is always at the top of her game. She is organized, communicates well and is able to get things done quickly and to specs. Versatile, talented and a hard worker. Will be hiring her again!

Ryan Siegel -  Owner of Transportation Evolved Blog

Great job! Very professional! Excellent to work with! She REALLY knows what she is doing. I enjoy working with her very much!

Debbie Graham -  Traveller, Pet Lover, Owner of Travel Bags and Bones Blog

Kaila works really fast, she keeps the deadlines and often finishes before the deadline. She did a good job with creating our website.

Dr. Shandeep Momi -  Hashimoto's Doctor, Mindful Life Health Clinic Ltd.

Kaila was a great VA to work with, as her communication and willingness to finish tasks well before deadline was exemplary. I enjoyed working with Kaila and will likely have additional jobs for her in the future.

Geoffrey Ye 

Kaila was very responsive. She has great communication and technical skills. Very pleasant. Will definitely use her again.

Carey Gormes -  Digital Marketer, Owner of zMarketing Tech

Kaila was an absolute joy to work with. She was able to do lots more than I originally hired her for and continued to surprise me with her talents. She will be a valuable asset to anyone who takes her on. Kaila you are a gem. I wish you the best.

Jonathan Edwards 

Kaila did great work for me! She was extremely hard working and was able to deliver high quality results.

Tung Tran -  Founder and CEO of Cloud Living Media LLC

It was an absolute pleasure working with this contractor. She did great work and completely everything very quickly!

Brian Heyliger -  Trading, Investing and Marketing Expert, Founder of Traders News Media

Kaila completed the job quickly and exactly as I requested. Would definitely hire again.

Martin Gessner -  Salesforce Solution Architect, Founder of Focus on Force

Loved working with Kaila. Very professional.

Drew Sanocki -  Owner, Chief Nerd at Nerd Marketing

She did a great job for us in meeting all our requirements and on time delivery. Looking forward to working with her on many more projects to come in the future. Thanks for your efforts and expertise.

Siva Perumal -  One Dollar Web Hosting US

Talented landing page developer. Very easy to work with and great communication.

Dr. Alan Castillo -  Entrepreneur, Founder and President of Cloud Computing Technologies

Kaila was fantastic to work with. Very responsive and fast. Seriously couldn’t run my business without Kaila. She’s THAT valuable. I will be hiring her again.

Chris Mason -  Owner of CM & Associates LLC, Founder of Woocurve

Kaila is a pleasure to work with. She has a keen eye for design, good knowledge of SEO and can take on any task on her own and run with it. Looking forward to working with her again on the next project.

Steve Hieng -  Founder of Ayla Web Design

Kaila is a fantastic freelancer and always did what was asked of her. I would thoroughly recommend Kaila to anyone looking for a reliable and delightful virtual assistant.

Donna Coleman -  Owner of Cool Doggee Blog

It was great working with Kaila, will definitely hire her again.

Oscar Suarez Founder of Honestips

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