Why You Shouldn't Target Data Entry Jobs on Upwork

Why You Shouldn’t Target Data Entry Jobs on Upwork

Why You Shouldn't Target Data Entry Jobs on Upwork

There are numerous categories of freelance work on Upwork that you can bid on at anytime. In almost all cases, you need to have specific skills that will come in handy to get the job done fast and effectively. While some of the jobs offered will require you to have basic typing skills and knowledge on Excel, others will need you to have more specialized skills.

If you are just starting out with freelancing, data entry jobs would seem attractive. However, I recommend that you don’t go for this kind of work because of a number of reasons. Here are some important points that you should know before you even think of applying.

There are quite a number of data entry jobs that you can actually take and get some money. The bad news is that most have low rates, and it can take you a pretty long time to make some good money. Further, they vary in ways that you should deliver the task and other specifics that make the jobs quite boring in so many ways. Well, for me.

So why you shouldn't target data entry jobs on Upwork?

Tight competition

First and foremost, there are millions of freelancers on Upwork and most are working in the field of data entry. Thousand of these people are also "Top Rated" freelancers. So if you are a newbie on Upwork, there's just a very small chance of getting hired on data entry jobs because you're competing with the Top Rated freelancers. You should find something other than data entry or upgrade your skills.

Payment issues

It is equally important to note that while some of these companies will pay promptly, others will take eternity. If their site happens to be down for some days, you’re likely to lose data in some way. And so, it will be hard to track the hours worked or determine whether you have hit a milestone or not. The worst part of it is that this kind of job is time consuming and the returns are pretty low. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you avoid them as you can avoid plague.

Bogus companies

It is much easier to get duped on Upwork with some dubious companies that are not registered with any authorities. In as much as looking at client reviews can give you a hint on client, some companies will cheat you off your money. This means you can end up losing time and energy that you would have used to be productive in another way. Do some research first to determine whether the company is genuine or not. If you do so, the chances of losing money and time are always minimized.

Accuracy factor

There is also an accuracy issue experienced by many who go for these jobs and want to earn money. In all cases, they find themselves in a catch-22 situation. Overall, you need to attain pretty high levels of accuracy and at the same time type fast. The errors in document can drastically cut down your payments. If you are not careful, then definitely you will lose more and even get “fired” by your boss as a freelancer. It is acknowledged that you can make money with data entry jobs, but the bitter truth is that these kinds of jobs are not sustainable at all.

Quite demanding

As stated before, data entry jobs need more time to complete as compared to other freelance jobs. This is one thing that makes them to be quite demanding and tiresome. You can have little or no breathing space the moment you hit the road. If you are a beginner, expect to experience some eye discomfort and other related health complications. As a freelancer, you cannot expect to make some handsome money in the long run, leave alone developing any serious career out of it. It is for this reason that many freelancing experts advice that these jobs be used to improve typing speed and nothing more.

Minimal support

If you are thinking of making it big as a freelancer, data entry jobs are not for you. You will not only end up wasting time and money, but sometimes these companies won’t pay you a dime. One of the main reasons that they like to give for rejection is lack of accuracy. They will tell you one thing and in the same breathe deny you payments. Further, their support is very minimal and there is no way that you can get the best out of the effort. Remember, lack of support can lead to a number of working problems that relate to performance and productivity.

The above-mentioned problems with Upwork data entry jobs should send a warning to new freelancers who have little or no experience. If you are thinking big and want to act big, consider other freelancing jobs other than the data entry types. Do not be fooled by the make quick money doing simple jobs; in fact, it is the exact opposite of what these companies promise.

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