How to Install Multiple Clocks on Windows 10 Desktop

How to Install Multiple Clocks on Windows 10 Desktop

If you are an online freelancer and you're working with many clients in different countries, it is important that you know their time zones. Instead of searching on Google every time you need to know your client's time, it's better that you have multiple clocks installed on your own computer that you can easily take a look at. 

How to install multiple clocks on Windows 10?

This tutorial is specifically tried and tested on Windows 10. I'm not sure if it will work on Windows 7 or 8 because all our computers here run n Windows 10. 

First, download Desktop Gadgets Installer. Remember the Desktop Gadgets on the older version of Windows? This is the same as that one but unfortunately, it's not readily available on the newer versions of Windows. That's why we have to install it manually.

Extract the downloaded file and run the installer. 

Once successfully installed, go to Control Panel and find Desktop Gadgets. Or, you can just simply right click on your desktop and choose Gadgets.

Desktop Gadgets Cpanel

Voila! Aside from the clock, there are many gadgets that you can put on your computer. Just drag and drop it on your desktop.

Clock Desktop Gadgets

What I loved about this is that you can have as many clock as you can and set them up on different time zones.

Here's how my desktop looks like now. I have 5 different clocks running.

KS Desktop

What we have here is a typical clock. Now, what if you're still confused whether the time is AM or PM? Don't worry, I have a solution for you! Download the Digital Clock Installer.

Extract the downloaded file and run the installer. You will then see the Digital Clock added on the Desktop Gadgets. Just drag and drop it to your desktop.

Digital Clock Desktop Gadgets

Just set the digital clock to 24-hr time format. Now, here's how the digital clock looks like on my desktop. 

KS Desktop with Clocks

Actually, you can customize the appearance of the digital clock. You can change it to the color that you like. 

That's it! You can have many clocks now on your computer. 

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