How to Use Social Media to Harness Traffic to Your Site

How to Use Social Media to Harness Traffic to Your Site

How to Use Social Media to Harness Traffic to Your Site

Statistics show that social media is a powerful element that can drive tons of traffic to any site. This is irrespective of the kind of industry you operate in, and the size of your blog or online business. In as much as other methods are relevant, without social media, the chances of success are drastically reduced. Based on this reason, marketing experts have always recommended a strong social media platform. As such, this will not only help in regard to making profits but also ranking high in your niche. The following are some of the top tips you can implement and realize substantial results in a short time.

How to Use Social Media to its Full Potential?

Share content more than once

It is imperative that you consider sharing your content more than once. However, there is a way you should do it so that you are not considered a spammer. What you need to do here is share your content after more than 20 hours or a few days and not so soon. You will get a backlash from your followers if you send after 1 hour or so. In fact, some will even decide to unfollow you or something. The best way is to consider your followers, draw a line between spamming and not spamming. Above all, ensure that you are always providing value and nothing more.

Change title

If you desire to share closely related messages and you think that would be monotonous, consider changing the titles of the blog post. To begin with, you can write plain title, change it to be a teaser that will grab the attention of your audience, or write the title in form of a question. As stated before, do not send your posts after a very short time because this would likely upset your followers. Alternatively, you can write your titles in form of a fact or just a quote that is relevant to the contents of your post.

Optimizing content

Consider optimizing content and take advantage of strength and weaknesses of each individual social platform. Furthermore, you should take note of the impact of images on social platforms, as well as texts. This is one of the best ways you would know exactly what to do with the specific platform you use. Remember, you can send one message and the results are not so good. However, when sent the second or third time, it has the potential of going viral. As such, always have a schedule on how you will post and in what duration one post will be repeated.

Monitor progress and results

It would be naive if you say that you are using social media, but you don’t monitor progress and evaluate the results you get. It is highly recommended to determine whether there is a decline or increase in activities of any given post. You should also consider feedback from your audience and determine whether your audience is still interested in your content. In the long run, this will give you a hint on what strategy works for you and which one doesn’t. After all, it is wise to focus on things that work for you and business, rather than walk in darkness aimlessly trying to find a definite path.

Short, unique, and attractive updates

It is vital that you consider short and unique updates on social media, as statistics show that these get more engagement. This is because the audiences on these platforms are known for their short attention spans. On the other hand, with long updates, engagement is drastically reduced and this means that you will not be able to garner enough traffic to your site. Take note that this applies to most, if not all of the social media platforms that exist today. For instance, with short updates on twitter you will get an average of 17 % engagement (100 characters), and with Facebook, those with not more than 40 characters will receive 80% more engagement. Of course, this is with all factors being constant.

Key point

The performance of every post will vary, and also the time that each individual post goes viral differs from one to the other. It is imperative to note that all elemental factors must be put into consideration for you to enjoy the best of results. Further, what will work for your blog or online business will not necessarily work for others. Therefore, in order to leverage everything, ensure that you chart a path that well serves you. In other words, go for techniques that work for you and amplify the results you get.

As an entrepreneur, your sole focus should not be getting money but solving problems. Last but not least, make it a point to stay focus in all activities - including driving social media.

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