How to Guest Post and Build Credibility as a Writer

How to Guest Post and Build Credibility as a Writer

How to Guest Post and Build Credibility as a Writer

If you are an experienced writer, then you must know that guest posting is one of the most essential steps of building credibility. On the other hand, if you are a beginner writer, you are advised to know how guest post works so that you take your place as an authority in any niche or subject matter.

It’s true that freelancing is all about marketing, building brand, and delivering excellence each time, every time. There is no better way of doing it than guest posting. In fact, if you are new to writing industry and are trying to be a formidable force in the murky world of freelancing, then you need to consider solid advice being offered in this guide.

Why Guest Post?

It is of utmost importance that you understand the importance of guest posting prior to even trying to pitch. As stated before, guest post will ultimately build your credibility. It is also something that will not only help you understand market trends, but also helps break into niches that you haven’t written before. Additionally, you will be able to build a freelancing portfolio in a very short time, get high quality backlinks to your website, and you’ll be able to attract new clients without extensive marketing. In fact, clients will always come to you and not the other way around.

It is simply the best thing you can do! As a newbie, implementing guest posting technique will land you lucrative deals than you had never thought before. 

How to go about the entire process

There are a number of mistakes that writers tend to make when they want to guest post; while some are sublime, others are outrightly wrong. It is vital for you to know the best of guest posting “formulas” so that you keep striking gold whenever you send your pitches. If you blindly send wrongly structured pitches, you will not be able to get any of your articles published – this can be heart-wrenching to many new writers. However, you should never give up because with time, you will be able to master the best things to do.

Tips for writing guest post pitches:

It is vital that you know the main elements of writing pitches before sending them because this will ultimately save you time and money. To begin with, you must have the right mindset before you start guest blogging. As a matter of fact, ensure that you know the main reasons behind you writing guest posts because this will help you remain focused. Furthermore, ensure that you are strategic and know the needs of the editor or site you’re pitching. If not, not only will your pitch be rejected but also you’ll have lost time pitching the wrong way. As such, the trick here is to know objectives of the site you’re pitching.

Get to know sites

There are innumerable sites that writers can pitch spread across different niches. You do a little bit of research until you find one that best suits your niche, write the list of websites and look at their guidelines of writing guest posts. In this way, you will be well placed to know exactly what each individual site needs and at the same time, create a reasonable campaign strategy that will work for you.

Formatting, tone, and topics

It is equally important to know how the posts are formatted before even sending your pitch to the editor. Furthermore, an understanding of the tone, and the specific topics published on these sites is plus for any writer. If you have noted all these, you can now craft a killer pitch that will make the editor respond as soon as possible. Remember, editors have very limited time each day to reach pitches. If you get it wrong the first time, do not be dismayed either.


Always pitch topics that are relevant to target audience so that your pitch is not deleted as soon as the editors start to read it. Do some research on that particular site and have an understanding of what they are targeting. In this way, you’ll have a higher chance of your pitch getting accepted without necessarily straining.

Make follow up

Last but not least, always ensure that you make follow up because sometimes, your pitches will not be noted the first time. However, after some successful pitches, you will become a regular and you’ll not struggle structuring any pitches, and you will seldom be rejected by any editor.

If you happen to successfully carry out guest posting campaign, your credibility as a writer will improve tremendously. Your site will be loved by search engines and they will give you organic traffic, while new clients will offer you business deals that you can’t just say no. It is all about being strategic, focused, and working hard towards achieving your goals. 

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