How to Get Started With Upwork

How to Get Started With Upwork

How to Get Started With Upwork

It is important to understand that Upwork is a platform where clients and freelancers meet to do business. The site is designed in such a way that clients can easily post projects in line with stipulated guidelines, whereas freelancers go ahead and bid on the projects. The winning freelancer is assigned the project and the payment schedule depends if it’s an hourly or a fixed-price contract. Take note that all manner of tasks can be done by the thousands of freelancers on the site. As such, many businesses opt for the site to get professionals who can get their specific projects done fast and effectively.

So, how can you get started with Upwork?

Available tasks

There are quite a number of tasks available and these have been put into several categories. These include data science and analytics, IT &networking, engineering and architecture, design and creative tasks, translation, writing, and legal jobs, among others. Basically, as a client you can post as many tasks as possible regardless of what you want to be done. The registration process for the clients is simple and pretty straight forward. On the other hand, freelancers have the best opportunity to earn money for their work. The site management has put in place specific guidelines that protect both clients and freelancers. As a matter of fact, payment protection is guaranteed!


If you are a freelancer and have what it takes to do specific tasks, Upwork offers opportunity to make some handsome money. It is much better than the penny-per-word content mills that thrive on frustrating freelancers; especially budding writers who are yet to master their craft. This said, Upwork is a good place where both established and new professionals can make a kill irrespective of their area of expertise. If you want to get started working on this platform, be advised to register, complete your profile, and start bidding on projects.

What you need to do as freelancer

It is common knowledge that if you want to successfully work on any online platform, then you must have a reliable computer and stable internet connection. As a matter of fact, Upwork is not exception to this rule of thumb. You need to create an exemplary resume that clearly showcases what you can achieve, what you offer, and your rates. This is something that will definitely set you apart from others who are competing with you for the same jobs. It is all about introducing yourself to potential clients that you need to work with. You are advised to consider the following in your introduction:

  • Education and some of things you’ve accomplished over time
  • Your specific professional skills that make you stand head and shoulder above the rest of the freelancers
  • Level of education, and of course portfolio

The Upwork platform offers a great number of skill tests that you are advised to do and showcase to clients. In this case, clients will know that they are dealing with the correct person. In fact, it is solid proof that your skills are up to the mark. On this site, most freelancers who win bids have their skills tested. If you are a writer, ensure that your profile is error free as it increases the chances of clients hiring you for repeat business.

What really determines success

Just like a conventional business, being successful on Upwork needs focus and dedication. If you are a freelancer, then you must be dedicated to offer value to your clients. In this case, your clients will give you repeat business over a long period of time. For instance, ensure that you do the following and your rating will definitely be sky high:

  • Always communicate with clients, and potential clients, in such a way that you do not leave room for doubt. In other words, effective communication skills are a must-have for you to enjoy any kind of success on this site.
  • It is equally important to be quite responsive to client's needs. This is something that most, if not all clients would expect of you after tasks are assigned.
  • Always under promise but over deliver on project - go well beyond client's expectation. This is a proven trick that has worked well for many freelancers. At the end of the day, you will have a better rating and consistent business in your line of expertise.
  • In freelancing, deadlines are the heart beat of the industry. Always keep your clients informed about the progress of work. In case of any changes, keep them posted in good time. It would be naive of you to keep quiet and surprise the client on the very day of the deadline that you experienced problems in the course of working.
  • Be professional and stay professional; this is something that will save you a lot of issues in the course of freelancing on this platform.

Upwork is one of the top freelancing sites in the world today, with virtually thousands of freelancers and clients doing business together. As a freelancer, you have quite a number of payment options including; Skrill, Payoneer, PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Direct Deposit - Your payments are guaranteed!

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