Ditching Freelancing Platforms How to Find Direct Clients

Ditching Freelancing Platforms: How to Find Direct Clients

Ditching Freelancing Platforms How to Find Direct Clients

There are so many freelancing platforms around that you can register and start contacting clients from the word go. In as much as these sites offer a fertile ground to kick-start your freelancing career, there are guidelines you need to adhere to. The set rules can sometimes make it pretty difficult for you to do a better job, and also the rates offered might be not so good. These are some of the things that make many freelancers either ditch the platforms, or quit freelancing altogether and go back to the 9-5 jobs. These shouldn’t be the case as there are techniques you can apply to get direct clients.

How to find direct clients?

The following are some tips for you to get direct clients and ditch freelancing platforms that tend to exploit those registered with them:

Create a niche blog

it doesn’t matter whether you are a web designer, or writer with years of experience. Creating a niche blog can help you showcase your skills, and at the same time tell the world what kind of services you offer. In this way, you can always refer to clients, or clients can come across the site and contact you. This is step number one of finding clients that you can actually communicate with directly without any middleman.


This is another great way of finding clients that you can work with long-term. You can design a template, try to get email address of companies, and sen customized email to those addresses. You might get a response in one way or another. You can as well guest post and have your profile linked back to your site. In fact, this is one of the most versatile methods that you can use. In a short while, you will be receiving numerous requests and job offers.

Advertise your services

Online advertising is one of the most reliable methods you can use to get clients in your line of work. In this case, you are advised to use platforms that are not only reliable, but also a big help in regard to finding high-paying clients. There are apps out there that can help you determine whether the technique is working for you or not.

Job boards

Of course, even the 21st century, online job board are still as important as they were some decades ago. You can browse the reputable online job boards to find jobs that best suit you. In most cases, clients will leave behind their contact address, phone number, or anything that will facilitate your communication. Nevertheless, you should be privy of those who want free work done. A little background check on client can help a great deal.

Connect with people

Today, social media is the king of advertisement. It is here that you can connect with people in your niche to reach a targeted group of clients. Also, networking is as important as pitching clients. Therefore, try to network with people that you have been with before and ask for referrals just in case you want to get clients that are worth your time.


When you are starting to look for direct clients to work for, do not say that you can do anything and everything. This is a sign of professionalism and many will doubt it even if you are really serious. However, you are advised to stick to one niche and specialize in specific areas you are good at. In this case, not only you will be able to find good clients but also stand head and shoulder high above your competitors.

What to avoid when looking for clients?

There are things that you might do in the name of looking for new clients, of which can drastically reduce your chances. Here are some of the important factors that you should avoid at all costs:

  • On your blog, do not be verbose but be objective.
  • Use examples that you wrote and do not try to fake your qualifications.
  • Use your real name as clients would like to know exactly whom they are dealing with.
  • Do not send general emails while pitching, but personalize them so that they have the much needed effect.
  • Always have a budget for ads and diversify the platforms that you use to send your profile.
  • In all cases, be formal in your communication.
  • Be friendly with those you are trying to connect with, and do not be pushy in any way.

It is possible to get direct clients by following the points in this guideline. However, you should screen every client who contacts you at all time. You are strongly advised to avoid those who want you to do many “test articles” or "trial tasks" to evaluate your skills, but embrace those who readily guide you on how they want their project done. Last but not least, have a standard rate and keep increasing it as the number of direct clients go up.

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