How to Convince the Client to Hire You Despite Your High Bid

How to Convince the Client to Hire You Despite Your High Bid

How to Convince the Client to Hire You Despite Your High Bid

It is very possible to convince the client to pay your high rates without necessarily begging them to do so. It is all about strategy, and avoiding regular bids and other pitfalls that a large number of freelancers tend to make. You have to think outside the box and avoid “please I’m the best” syndrome, but go straight to the point explaining how you will add value. In most cases, clients are looking for value addition and not regular bids with some being sent by bots. This is a classical case of working smarter to get top dollars, and avoiding a million screening questions from clients.

Budget for task

Most clients have a budget for any given project, and the best thing is that you can have a higher rate and still get hired. If you are looking for a job on a bidding site, your bid should clearly outline what you are going to do. This means that you should focus on your value and skills you'll offer to client based on the project description. Additionally, do your best to take note of the time the project will take you to complete. If you do so, you will get hired in no time and enjoy a high rate for relatively long period.

What to focus on cover letter

A lot of freelancers tend to state the years of experience that they have been doing something. It is true that this is important, but clients are not always out to get who has done what and for how long. On the contrary, they are looking for high quality from a freelancer they will hire. This means that you should write a cover letter and provide a sample of the kind of quality you can offer. In many cases, clients know that some people have done stuff for pretty long but offer average quality. And so, offering samples of quality work will grab clients’ attention.

Avoid “salesy” bids

There is this notion that bids should sell your talent or skills, but the extent you do it can determine if you will get hired or not. The best way to go about the entire process is to be humane and get a connection with the client. Thereafter, try to build trust with him/her before you can even start telling how you will add value to the project or company. If you don’t know, clients are humans and so they crave connections, too. Further, show some kind of respect and also do not try to sell anything. For instance, things like "I'm the best, if you hire me expect…" or, try tricks like trying to offer free services from the word go. Do not overshoot your rate and promise things that you can’t get done.

Avoid canned proposal

If you are new to freelancing, getting your first job on a bidding site can be pretty tricky. This means that you have to create proposals that will catch the attention of clients, and do it every time you are sending a bid. Of course, this can be tiring and time consuming. Nevertheless, do not be trapped in sending canned proposals to clients who can tell from a mile away. What this means is that you are not interested in the job, you are likely to do a shoddy job, and of course, it indicates that you are not a good communicator at all. In order to convince clients to pay your high rates, take each proposal with the seriousness it deserves.

Professional photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and do not imagine you’ll use a wrong profile picture and expect clients to believe what you say. In order to have an upper hand, your profile picture should be professional. For instance, do not have a background of animals or anything of the sort. In fact, you should wear a smile because this tends to convince clients that you are friendly person. The picture can be an indicator of your competency, professionalism, and anything related that clients are looking for on a freelancer.

Don't be cheap

The hustle of freelancing can make you lower down your rates if you are a newbie. However, in most, if not all, this is suicidal and you can be rest assured that you are just starting on the wrong foot. The top-dollar clients really will not go for very low offer no matter what you say. In fact, they will out rightly reject the proposal believing that you cannot offer value. The best way to go around the whole thing is state professional rates and you will be paid accordingly without any problem.

As a word of advice, do not be influenced by what your competitors are offering. Importantly, believe in yourself and the value you can offer to clients. Have a clear point that you can use to convince clients, and do your best to determine inherent and perceived value.

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