Adulting 101: Getting Life Insurance and Why You Should Have It

Adulting 101: Getting Life Insurance and Why You Should Have It

Adulting 101: Getting Life Insurance and Why You Should Have It

You know you’re getting old (or being mature enough) when you finally think of getting a life insurance. I never thought of this during my teenage years and my early twenties. I was 27 years old when I got my first ever policy from Sunlife and I wish I had done this sooner. Anyway, it’s not too late to start at that age.

Just a disclaimer before you read further. I am not a financial advisor or financial planner and I’m just writing this article to share my thoughts and some information.

What’s a life insurance?

Okay, let’s use simple terms here. It is a death benefit wherein a certain amount will be given to your beneficiaries when your life comes to an end. Let’s be mature enough so don’t be afraid to talk or think about this. You know, we will all go there but no one can tell when will it be. That’s why, it’s better to be prepared just in case it happens to you suddenly. How much life insurance do I need, you ask? The amount varies depending on what type of insurance plan you will get.

Why should you get a life insurance?

I wasn’t thinking about myself when I decided to get a life insurance. I was thinking of my son. Questions like these keep popping on my head: What if I get into an accident? What if I have some serious illness? What if I leave this world? How can my son move on with his life without me? I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my child with nothing. That’s what made me decide to get a life insurance plan apart from other benefits that comes with it. Even if you’re still single, it’s still better to have a life insurance – just in case. If you can manage to get an insurance for your car, why not for your life?

What are the benefits of life insurance?

Aside from the lump sum that the beneficiary will get, here are also some advantages / benefits depending on the life insurance you will get:

  • Critical Illness Benefit – You can get a certain amount once you are diagnosed with critical illness.
  • Investment Fund – Your fund is earning a percentage that you can enjoy while you are still living.
  • Accidental Death Benefit – If the cause of death is accident, your beneficiary will get additional amount on top of your insurance coverage.
  • I apologize if I couldn’t explain these all in details because as I have said, I’m not a financial advisor. But just in case you are interested to get a life insurance, here are the people that I personally know and trusted who can assist you and cater the plan suited for your needs and budget:

    Just click the link to go to their Facebook profiles and you can start a conversation with them.

    So why am I giving their details? As you know, there are a lot of scammers out there so it’s really hard to find an agent whom you can trust. I can vouch for these people and just to clarify, no, I’m not getting any commission here.

    What are you waiting for? It’s never too late to start planning and investing. If not now, when?

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