What Every Newbie Blogger Should Know About Traffic

What Every Newbie Blogger Should Know About Traffic

What Every Newbie Blogger Should Know About Traffic

Traffic is one of the most essential elements that can make you continue blogging, or stop blogging altogether and proceed with other things that you hold dear. Nevertheless, not all traffic is profitable because if you don’t turn your visitors into clients, then you’ll find yourself in an awkward situation. On the brighter side, with relevant traffic, you have many options that you can go for in regard to monetizing your blog. Having said this, here are some of the elemental factors you should know when it comes to site traffic as a new blogger.

Understanding Traffic

Creativity and high value content

There is one thing that most bloggers always find pretty difficult to make a choice on; and that is quality and quantity. If you want to drive relevant traffic to your site, then you should consider both. Statistics show that with long content, your creativity is poured out; and with valuable information, your visitors keep coming back. In order to leverage everything to your own benefit, see to it that you are both creative and offer valuable information to your audience. As such, your traffic will be high and unique visitor numbers will increase. After all, search engines also love long content and offer it top priority.

Professional tech services

This is one of the things that most beginner bloggers will always gamble with. In fact, some will go ahead to do tech stuff on their own, and thus wasting time which equals money in the long run. At the end of the day, they don’t even get the much needed traffic and their blog is wasted away. In order to counter this problem, spend money on tech stuff and make your blog mobile responsive. If you are not sure about what you want to implement, do not risk doing it all by yourself as you will only make matters worse.

Blog and continue blogging

It is important to start your blog with what can be called anchor blog posts. In other words, the anchor blog posts are those that are available at the time of the launch. These posts should be informative, tutorial-like, and offer great value to the reader. Thereafter, continue blogging at least one post every day. Of course, the frequency of posting will be reduced to two or three times in a week later. However, if you can make daily posting your routine in the first few weeks or months, then you will be well placed to get the best results on traffic. Remember, consistency is synonymous with growth.

E-mail list

If you are a blogger and have no email list, the chances that you will struggle with traffic in the long run is always high. In order to buffer against such situations, make it a point to get a large email list. This guarantees two main things - one is that you will always have traffic whenever you send out email. And second, there is a high probability of you selling your products and services at a high profit. In fact, this makes your content also quite shareable in different ways.

Get social

There is always a high possibility that you will get high traffic when you go social. Therefore, ensure that you have social media button on your web to make it easy to share content. Also, try your best level to have a strong media presence that can stand the test of time. Branding is one thing that bloggers must always look into; and as far as everything is concerned, social media platforms offer the best opportunity for that. Remember, customer-centric is what most high profile businesses focus on and so they create community in these platform to get better results.

Blog design

If you are thinking of starting a blog, make it a point that the design is great. This is one factor that will determine your success, especially in regard to how long visitors stay on each page and scroll. It is not possible for you to please visitors with a shoddy design, even if you have amazing content. As a word of advice to beginner bloggers, ensure that popular posts are easy to find, the color scheme is great, and the titles are in line with the content. If you do so, then you’re likely to have the best possible results in regard to retaining traffic that convert to customers.

Retaining traffic to reasonable levels

There are three things that you should do to retain traffic that comes to your site. To begin with, see to it that you take a survey by asking what actually people want to read about. Secondly, build a community and ensure that it remains active. You can do this by improving the total number of blog comments, as well as trying to respond to as many emails as possible. Last but not least, get emails and this one guarantees repeat visitor.

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