How can ESL Writers be Competitive in the Writing Marketplace?

How can ESL Writers be Competitive in the Writing Marketplace

How can ESL Writers be Competitive in the Writing Marketplace

There are many things that ESL writers have to learn in order to be quite competitive in the marketplace. As a matter of fact, long gone are the days when you could throw around some garbage SEO stuff and the Google search engine could pick it up and rank website. It is during these days that most of the ESL writers had their field day. However, things have since changed and Google have since updated their algorithm so quality writing is something that is on high demand.

These changes have made even some of the content mills dry up, and this has left a swarm of ESL writers without clients. The million dollar question is, what can ESL writers do to keep pace with the ever-changing dynamics of writing arena? The answer to this particular question is simple; just change your game plan. Here are some pointers that you can follow in order to get the best of results, fast! In fact, these will help you to be quite competitive and it is something that will help you get clients within a short period of time.

How ESL Writers can be Competitive?

Never Worry About Competition

As a writer, you should never worry about competition because this has always been there, and it will always be there. In fact, it has been proven that competition breeds efficiency and as such, you will always have to compete with the best in whatever niche you choose. This is irrespective of your level of experience, clients you’ve worked with before, and even those whom you are pitching at that particular point in time.

Learn to Get Better

As an ESL writer, your level of English might not be necessarily be at par with the native writers. However, learning to improve your writing skills consistently is something that you should always remain focused on. You can buy books that showcase how to improve your grammar skills, and know what is the best thing you can do with creative juice flowing. And, at the same time, learn how best to convey message without wobbling. As such, you will be able to improve your writing and before you know it, you will start having consistent work.

Create a Writer Website

It is suicidal not to have a writer website, yet expect to get clients who pay well. In most cases, clients will be on the lookout for writers who are professional, know the latest internet trends, and also have an understanding for specific industries. As you pitch clients, you can always refer them to your website so that they can have a glimpse on what you really offer. In this way, you will always be able to charge professional rates and at the same time have a steady flow of work. Remember, having a writer’s website is one thing and getting high-paying clients is, well a different story. In order to get the word out there, you must do some marketing.

Market, Market, and Market

You can have great English skills, a mastery that only a few ESL writers can have, or sometimes, be an A+ writer in regard to creative writing. However, without marketing your skills to be in front of potential clients, you will not find any steady job. In this case, ensure that you do some marketing, cold pitching, guest post writing pieces, do some social networking, and just about anything that will help you get clients. Do not be fooled that ESL writers can get professional pay-in fact, you should aim for high rates if you really desire to get some kind of serious money writing articles, blogs, or just anything.

Accept Positive Criticism

It is acknowledged that positive criticism will always help you improve your writing. You might come across clients who are hard to please, or clients that are always whining about this or that. At least, every writer has gone through this phase before getting the occasional nod. If you come across such, take in the positive and do not let the negative criticism-you just can’t please everyone, it’s impossible. In fact, while marketing your services, a higher percentage will always be on the negative side.

Be Professional

This is the most important thing if you want to be appreciated in the marketplace. What you need to do here is always be on the lookout for the best, and never accept mediocre assignments because you might be too lazy to start looking for high paying tasks. As a word of advice, you should strive to be on top of everything as you try to end the message that you are the writer the client needs.

Always remember that all niches have competition, it is only how you position yourself that will determine how much you can earn.

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