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How to Draft Email Campaigns That Convert

How to Draft Email Campaigns That Convert

There are many ways to market goods and services online with an intention of increasing your bottom line. In fact, there are numerous marketing strategies that will help you increase sales, and at the same time create a brand that can stand the test of time. However, not all are sustainable in the long run. It is here that email campaigns come in handy for people out to get the best possible results.

With email campaigns, you target specific audience, increase brand awareness, and you also make it easier to share what you believe is the right product or service. Overall, you will never break your bank account in anyway.

The following are some important aspects you should have in mind especially when creating a viable email campaign that will get you results, fast.​

Email campaign that converts

Know your target audience

This is one of the most crucial points that you should have in mind when crafting email campaigns. To begin with, define your demographics, contests if included, lead source, sales funnels, and industry within which you operate. This information will help you in regard to language you will use, as well as needs of your customers. It is wrong if you start the campaigns without putting these facts on the table. Furthermore, explore the possibilities of understanding how your client or customer thinks.

Segmenting your list

If you choose to start an email campaign without segmenting your list, you will probably have little effect. This point is closely related to knowing your target audience as it determines the end result. In this case, think about what will motivate your customer, and take advantage of software that can help you with things to do with demographics and interests. As such, you will never lose on striking a gold mine with your email campaign.

Personalize your email

It is highly recommended to personalize your email campaigns rather than send generic content to your audience. As a marketer, your content should be specific and try to offer solution to a problem. In fact, customization of emails creates attention making it impossible for the recipient to ignore it in any way. Importantly, include your name so that the campaign is more ‘real’ than others that are craving for the same attention.

Get personal and friendly

This is another trick that has proven to work well with email campaigns irrespective of the industry or niche. Ensure that you use second person narrative - us, we, me, and such to talk to your audience. You can as well go ahead and offer freebies, and at the end of the campaign letter, do not forget to put the link of product or services you are offering. Do not use jargon or complex word, but be simple and straight forward so that your audience understands the message you are conveying. Above all, be friendly and you will see results faster than anticipated.

Catchy subject line

Top marketers will always tell you that subject lines matter a lot in regard to writing email campaigns. If you write a great subject line, a large number of those on your email list will surely open the mail and read it. Also, try to pull in the reader using strong thought-provoking sentences in the first paragraph. Remember, the success of these campaigns is anchored on trust and a bad subject line can throw everything out of the window. You should also match the subject line with content as this will avert situations where some of your readers might think it is a spam.


What really defines a good campaign is a great call-to-action strategically placed at the end of the mail. These should not only be compelling, but clearly outlined and should come with a promise. It is a technique that most marketers have used and received amazing results at the end of the day. As a word of advice, do not over promise when you know very well that you will not deliver. In such cases, you will lose a large chunk of your customer base and some might opt to unsubscribe.

Scannable messages

It is proven that scannable messages are more effective and do well with email marketing copies. Therefore, write in such a way that your reader will not take eternity to know what you are talking about. The length of emails sent is always subject to the kind of message being conveyed, and for this reason, always try to keep things simple and clear. Do not wobble on your message or write fluff because the end results might be pretty disappointing.

Last but not least, concentrate on one goal so that you do not confuse your readers. If you are able to create some sense of urgency, the better it is for you. Overall, you will be able to enjoy high returns with strategic marketing campaigns.

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