Digital Nomad: What it Feels Like to Work Anywhere?

Digital Nomad: What it Feels Like to Work Anywhere?

Digital Nomad: What it Feels Like to Work Anywhere?

In this present generation, there are literally thousands of people working as digital nomads. This is an experience that most people desire to have because of its numerous benefits. The best thing is that most freelance writers, web designers, online marketers, and others that fall in this range, are enjoying doing what they love best. The freedom to work from anywhere is something that is quite enviable and made possible by stable internet connectivity wherever nomads visit.

It is the kind of lifestyle that even fortune 500 company executives are contemplating (pun intended). This is a trend that has just picked and people across the globe are going for it; the nomads are literally exploring areas that they could not have visited with their 9-5 jobs. Generally, they are realizing their dreams quite early without compromising their income.

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

The million dollar question that most people like to ask is: how is it possible to be in-the-know with what is happening back in the big office or at home? The answer to this question is pretty simple - harness the power of the internet! The world continues to be interconnected and globalization is becoming a reality like never before. Presently, there are numerous opportunities to work and transact business compared to a couple of decades ago. This is one thing that you should know the digital nomads have taken advantage of. In fact, it is reported that some companies are now allowing their employees to work remotely - it is a trend that is changing the work place, too.

Digital nomads can work from anywhere striking a balance between work and leisure. The best thing is that they enjoy a kind of freedom that cannot be compared to what the 9-5 jobs offer, leave alone the flexibility of setting their own working hours. It is now possible to make it big - 6 figure income- as a digital nomad and at the same time visit your dream destination points. You should take note that with freedom comes responsibility. It is not all play and no work!

The power of the internet has made start-ups negate what the big cities are offering and opt to go after the affordable cities where there are unlimited leisure. As a digital nomad, the one thing that you will surely enjoy is that you will be able to cut-down costs. Nevertheless, this will depend on a number of things including: where you are staying, how often you travel, and the requirements of the country you are visiting. The good thing is that you can travel on a tourist visa and have no problem in most of the countries you visit.

If you are an online entrepreneur and have an agency or something similar, you will be well placed to enjoy the best time as a digital nomad. What this means is that you can log to your computer and do one or two things including delegating work and off you go for leisure. This lifestyle is increasingly becoming popular with so many people trying it out and enjoying every bit of it. If you are thinking of becoming one, then do not hesitate but go ahead jump ship.

The Downside of Becoming a Digital Nomad

There are two sides on every coin and for every lifestyle, there is a downside. It is important to note that with this lifestyle, you don’t have to be on the beach all the time. There are times you need to get away from tourist points to get something done. In as much as this is great, it can sometimes be pretty difficult to get stable internet connectivity. And so, you will have to lose some hours during your regular “working hours”.

While this lifestyle is great, the kind of income you generate in a month will determine countries you’ll visit. While some countries are relatively cheaper (Latin America, South East Asia, etc) there are others that are pretty expensive and generating $1000 in a month can’t help you at all. Therefore, the nomad lifestyle needs better planning with a focus to attain at least a specified amount for you to visit your dream destination.


The combination of a career that is anchored on the internet, ability to set working hours, and opportunity to globe trot is something that is taking root. Life has drastically changed with these opportunities popping up every day. If you are thinking of changing pace in your life and at the same time being responsible for your family, do not even think twice about working remotely.

Don't forget to check on three things if you are considering this lifestyle. These include debt, how you are going to cover your bills, and how you will counter issues to do with isolation. This is especially in areas that you are not happy to go about roaming the streets or areas infested with wild animals.

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