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COVID-19: One Month of Community Quarantine / Lockdown

Exactly one month of community quarantine here in the Philippines.

How are you all coping up?

Reading and watching the news makes me so sad. The situation here in our country isn’t getting any better. A lot of people still go out. It seems like the COVID-19 death rate is not enough to scare them.

Going out to buy food is okay as long as you wear a mask and follow proper social distancing.

However, the problem here is that there are a lot of hard-headed people who go out just because they’re bored and have nothing to do.

Please, stay at home. I’m begging you.

I am a Mom and it breaks my heart every time my son will say:

“Nanay, I miss going out. I miss camping. I miss the playground. I don’t like this virus. I hope it will be gone soon.”

Every night before going to sleep, he’s crying. And every time he cries, I can’t help but cry too.

For 31 straight days, he couldn’t even get sunshine. I feel bad for him and the other kids who are trapped inside their respective houses.

It’s really sad.

Let’s help one another. Staying at home is already a big help. Let’s do our part so we can all go back to our normal lives, especially the kids who should be enjoying their childhood.

We want these kids to have a future, don't we?

Please, let’s cooperate and put a little sacrifice to help contain, if not end, this coronavirus in our country.

Some people say lockdown is not the same for everybody because the poor can’t stay inside their house for a long time, etc. But this virus can strike anybody regardless of your social status.

So it’s either we all cooperate to stop the contagion or watch our impoverished countrymen suffer more. That’s the reality.

Remember, the government can’t support us all. If this continues and the government can’t provide anymore, it will be horror.

We still have two weeks before the end of the extended quarantine/lockdown, hopefully. If you don’t want this to be extended again, please stay at home.

We shouldn’t take this problem lightly.

P.S. This is me and my son hiking. Photo taken last October 2019.

COVID-19: One Month of Community Quarantine / Lockdown

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