Calle Uno: An Awesome Coworking Space in Baguio City

Calle Uno: An Awesome Coworking Space in Baguio City

Calle Uno Coworking Space in Baguio

Working online is becoming a trend nowadays. People can make use of their laptops and work everywhere they go. But the big problem is having a stable internet connection. Even if you have a pocket wifi on the go, you will still experience intermittent connection and end up unproductive with your work. This is where coworking spaces come in to the rescue.

For a digital nomad like me who hops from one place to another, I couldn't really tell which internet provider is great to use in a certain area. I have Globe data connection and a Sun pocket wifi. Sometimes, it's really unfortunate if both of them don't have signal or very slow because I couldn't work at all. 

We're currently here in Baguio City for a 1-month vacation to acclimatize before our Mt. Kinabalu hike early next month. If I say vacation, it's really not pure stroll because I still need to work. However, my source of internet were too slow in the place where we are staying so I need to find an alternative. I thought of Calle Uno Coworking Space and so we go there. I've been hearing about this Calle Uno in a Facebook community of freelancers few months back and I'm really glad that I was able to experience working there.

A Review of Calle Uno Coworking Space in Baguio 

Here are the things that I loved in Calle Uno:

Calle Uno is very accessible.

Calle Uno is conveniently located in Quezon Hill, along Naguilian Road, Baguio City. It's just actually an 8-minute drive from our place so it's a great plus for us! Taxi drivers are also very familiar with Calle Uno so they will be able to drop you there. The building is in the vanguard, thus seeing it immediately.

The owner is very accommodating.

We're still in the parking area when a guy approached me and asked, "Hi, how may I help you?" I told him that we will be going to Calle Uno coworking space and I was so surprised to know that he's the owner. He is very hands on with his business, welcomed us warmly and he showed us each and every facility that they have there. Our son Wyatt Maktrav was also with us when we went to Calle Uno. Originally, kids aren't allowed to prevent disturbance to the people working there. But Sir Ace is very understanding and he said that if the child is behave, he can go inside. I was so worried because I know my son is very active and couldn't stay in one place. Surprisingly, Wyatt was so cooperative and he stayed quietly. Great job baby!

The retro-themed interior is relaxing.

Honestly, I love anything retro. I have a collection of old banknotes and even my favorite songs are oldies. Upon stepping inside Calle Uno's premises, I immediately noticed the old typewriter, old sewing machine, old television, old turntable, old telephone, old table lamp, old flat iron, and lot more things that are antiquated. The relaxed ambience because of the interior blends well with Baguio's cold climate. I super love it there, really.

Calle Uno Coworking Space interior

Very fast internet connection makes you productive.

I wasn't able to work for 5 days because we had a trip to different towns in Pangasinan before officially settling down in Baguio. Because of that, I had a pile of work that I need to finish quickly for my different clients. Good thing that Calle Uno's internet connection is superbly fast. There's no idle time for me and I was able to do a lot of things during our stay there. We're really productive whenever we visit Calle Uno.

Affordable rates.

Okay, I know you're curious about the rates in Calle Uno coworking space. Since we're staying in Baguio for only a month and we don't necessarily need to work everyday, we just availed their "drop-in coworking rate" which is PhP 500. We stayed there from around 9:00 am to 9:30 pm, so that's more than 12 hours! Of course, it's all worth it because we've done a lot of work. If we don't have a child with us, we will probably stay until 12 midnight to maximize our stay. Hahaha! They have monthly and yearly membership rates as well but I forgot how much. 

Unlimited coffee for everybody!

Hello coffee lovers! Staying in Calle Uno includes free flowing coffee. Yes, it's free, no added cost. You can refill all you want for the whole duration of your stay there. Awesome, right? You don't have to go out to buy your own coffee. Other freelancers stay in coffee shops just to connect to the internet. However, they end up spending a lot because they need to buy coffee, frappe or pastries every 3 hours or so simply to be not embarrassed for overstaying. In Calle Uno, you don't have to feel that way.

Delicious food in Calle Uno Food Hub.

The first time we went to Calle Uno Coworking Space, we didn't bring any packed lunch. One good thing is that Calle Uno has their very own food hub. It looks stunning because of the old Volkswagen cars turned grillers and food trucks. And oh, they are not just all about the looks, the food was so satisfying as well, especially their grilled pork ribs! That's our favorite so far. We've been ordering that every time we're in Calle Uno. You can also try their grilled sausage, grilled quarter chicken, and more.

Calle Uno Food Hub

Of all the things I loved about Calle Uno, I honestly couldn't point out a single thing that I don't like there. In addition to the things listed above, I also liked the cleanliness of the place. And if your work have the need to take calls, they have small soundproof cubicles for you! You can even rent a computer or a headset. So whenever you're in Baguio City and you need a working space, just drop by at Calle Uno because they have everything you'll need.

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