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Top 10 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

It is another time that you have a great idea and want to tell the world about it. Your business acumen directs you to start a blog, and you think it's the best thing to do. Your timing is good and so you decide to get everything up and running, but before your blog is 6-month old, you’ve made several mistakes and income stream is dry. In order to avoid such a situation, see to it that you desist from the mistakes in this guide.

Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Complexity of the blog

It is acknowledged that time is precious and everyone who reads your blog wants to understand everything without cracking his head. One of the mistakes that bloggers make is make their blogs complex by using jargon, “big words”, complex sentence structures, and many other things in this line. If you do so, then you will start losing the number of people who visit your blog and stay long. Alternatively, keep it simple, clear, and interesting.

SEO issue

It is quite important to consider using SEO in your blog so that search engine spiders can crawl your site. However, your focus should not be solely writing for SEO as you will lose many things that can make it impossible to get the best results. Always remain creative the best way you can, write long pieces, and use SEO as professional do-avoid working for Google but remain determined to please your audience.

Boring conclusions

There are a number of things that are often considered in regard to how your conclusion should look. In all cases, avoid stale conclusion that will not give hint, or make your readers want to read more. The conclusion should be written with much enthusiasm, just like you did with the body of the text. The entire thing should be uniform, and do not make it look like you’ve actually lost interest in what you write.

Not proofreading posts

If you desire your post to be next to perfection, then think about taking time to proofread and edit them. It is important to note that readers hate posts that are sprinkled with grammar mistakes, are not focused on one issue, and doesn’t help to solve any problem at all. If you can do 3 or 4 rounds of editing your work, then chances are that you will get better result and not compromise your reputation. Further, your audience will always look at you with high esteem.

Indistinguishable personality and voice

It is highly recommended that you have a voice that is unique and different from that of other bloggers. Your personality is what makes you different from others in your niche. Without it, there is little progress that can be made. It is vital that you also consider what your audience desires to hear, and do not try to copy anyone’s style as your blog will go to the drains.

Exclusion effect

It can be hard to tell what gender most of your readers are unless you make a survey. If you find out that you are serving both male and female, do not exclude either of the gender. It is quite dangerous if you take exclusion route because you will definitely lose part of your audience. Importantly, desist from things that can offend, or are outrightly rude in one way or another. If you are thinking of creating a large audience over time, be good at balancing your views.

Bossiness and defensive mistake

If you are a blogger, getting a large audience is something that you should always focus on. This cannot happen if you sound bossy in your pieces, and often become defensive if one of your readers objects to your point of view. In all cases, there is a significant difference between being polite in reply to comments on your blog, and trying to silence the view of your reader.

Ego-related problem

This is one of the worst things that can happen to you in regard to blogging venture. If at the end of the day you become egoistic, then rest assured that you will lose your focus. In doing so, every single blog you publish will be about yourself. Of course, your regular readers will notice and desist from reading and eventually unsubscribe.

Promise and deliver

One thing that new bloggers tend to do is overpromise and under deliver, sometimes they fail even to deliver the promise at all. This is like committing suicide because you will not achieve so much. If you want to stay on top of the game, then be a little bit different by doing the exact opposite. As such, you will pave way for success without necessarily spending so much time to get things done.

Offering ‘normal’ messages

The best way you can actually break even in this industry is to be creative as possible. In other words, offer the best information to audience and do not hold any vital info. In this way, you will be able to create confidence and trust, of which is recipe for online success. As a matter of fact, be regular in posting blogs so that your audience is always expectant.

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