Best Task Management Tools for Virtual Assistants

Best Task Management Tools for Virtual Assistants

Best Task Management Tools for Virtual Assistants

It can sometimes be pretty difficult to manage remote teams, especially if you have little organization skills. However, with the help of task management tools, the work becomes very easy for virtual assistants. The good news is that there are a host of tools that you can choose from today - it all comes back to likes and preferences. As a matter of fact, finding the best tools to manage your remote workers is to determine the features that each of the tools offer, flexibility, and other finer details that will make your work a breeze. Here are some of the top tools that you should think of whenever you want to get the best of task management.

Best Task Management Tools


This is indisputably one of the best organizational tools for virtual assistants who want to assign and get jobs done without spending a fortune. In this case, you can invite as many workers as you wish to have by simply dragging and dropping their cards. It is tailored to offer high levels of flexibility, and can easily start conversations with short or long comments, or by adding files of which they will be notified instantaneously. It’s the great notification feature that makes conversation even easier. Additionally, Trello helps you communicate in real time, and you can work wherever you are without compromising time. It is mobile friendly too, and with this tool, you can use it on Ipad, Android, or just anything that falls in this range. Above all, your data is always secure and so your privacy will never be compromised.


This is a versatile tool that any Virtual Assistants working for small businesses or startups can consider using. Its features make it stand head and shoulder high above many that fall in the same range. It is one of the tools that can help you complete tasks fast and effectively. For instance, with this tool you will enjoy free use if you have less than 15 members. But above this rate, you’ll have to go for a paid option. Asana helps easily create tasks, assign, monitor progress, and also assign deadlines. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to monitor everything. One thing that makes Asana a great tool is that you can easily integrate it with other options including; Hip Chat, Slack, Dropbox and others. If you want to get organized, look no further!


This is one of the most treasured task management tools that you can think of at any given time especially if you are handling large number of workers. It is web-based and so can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is stable internet connection. Furthermore, the tools come with both basic and premium features that you can always take advantage of to get tasks completed. Users are not only bale to create to-do lists, but also receive updates on specifics of individual tasks. As such, collaborations become quite easy and jobs done using this tool have always high success rates. Above all, Producteev is a tool that can send you reminders and so you will never be on the losing end.

Kanban Tool

This is one of a kind tool that you can go for as Virtual Assistant who desires to have the best of out of your workers. It has a track record of high efficiency levels, and comes with the benefits of premium features that make collaboration quite easy. For instance, Kanban Tool is with this web-based tool that you can get to visualize workflow and at the same time, analyze and improve business processes. It also makes it easier for those who’d like to integrate their emails, manage portfolio, and share files with other workers. It is a plus for those who are looking for tools that can help them manage projects much more professionally, as well as those who treasure QA management methodologies to analyze business trends. At the end of the day, it is one tool that guarantees efficiency and enhances productivity amongst workers.


It is virtually impossible to talk about organization tools and fail to mention anything to do with Basecamp. This is due to the fact that it easily allows people to set up to-do lists and set deadlines. If you are a VA who treasured your remote workers beating deadline fast, then definitely this is a better option. All communication by remote workers are kept in one place, but you can also opt to use emails and still communicate with your team in good time. Last but not least, you will enjoy handling artwork and all manner of imagery without any problem at all.

It is highly recommended for VA to choose organization tools that best meets their unique needs. In this way, not only are you able to increase your productivity but make follow up on tasks assigned without straining.

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