About Kaila Sharlene | Filipino Web Designer and Developer

Hello! I'm Kaila Sharlene.

I am here to help individuals and businesses - big or small, to achieve their goals of having a professional and engaging website to convert their site visitors to customers.​​​​

Kaila Sharlene

A little bit about me and my freelancing journey...

It was year 2011 when I quit working as an ordinary office girl from a BPO industry in the Philippines. During that time, I still don't know which path to choose when it comes to my career life. Everything was so uncertain.

September 2011, I searched for online jobs and I've found a lot of platforms for freelancers. I signed up on Upwork (formerly oDesk), Freelancer.com, and a lot more that I can't remember. Unfortunately, I haven't landed a single client on any of those platforms. I didn't stop searching for other opportunities online until I've found a work from home job from a local BPO company (again). I applied and got accepted. It was a great experience at first. But after several months, they changed the terms and it's no longer wise working with them. So I resigned.

I went back on Upwork and I didn't lose hope finding a client. During that moment, I didn't know anything aside from a simple data entry and research. Competition is tight on those jobs, that's why it's hard for me to find a client especially that I don't have a feedback on my profile yet.

April 2012, I've finally had my first ever client on Upwork! It was overwhelming. However, the downside with freelancing is that when you finish a project with a client, you have to find another one again, and again, and again. There are times that I am idle for few weeks or months after finishing one project. It's a good thing that I was able to find a long-term client. While working for him, I still look for some short-term clients, others are only project-based. Sad to say, my long-term client has to let go of me because his budget was tight. As a result, I was on the verge of giving up online work. I was being pressured to find a "real job".

Year 2013, I enrolled in college - a different course from what I took up previously. I studied Industrial Engineering and I work during my vacant hours. It was never easy. Until one day, clients keep pouring in until I can no longer handle my studies. It took me 4 semesters (2 years) in school before I finally able to choose between work and studies. Since the opportunity is at my doorstep, I chose to dedicate my time with working from home. I had more time with my family and we get to travel often. No more exams to think of. Although I didn't finish this course, there's no regret on my part.

Going back to online work, while working for different clients, I learned a lot in the process and I was able to upgrade my skills. From a simple data entry and research, I learned SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and different online marketing tactics. It was the start that I became in-demand to clients. Before, I was the one looking for clients every single day. Now, the clients were the ones inviting me to do the job for them.

Despite being in-demand to clients, I didn't settle for what I already know. My hunger for learning is unstoppable. When one of my clients asked me to design his website with some coding, I immediately accepted the task even though I didn't know anything about it. Thanks to my friend Google, I was able to deliver a high quality website and my client was so happy about it. Since then, I realized that website design and development is something that I'm really interested in. Now, I have built a LOT of websites (I already lost count) and I'm enjoying what I do.

I gained a lot of happy and satisfied clients. Being a versatile person, I have a wide variety of skills making me your one-stop freelancer for all your online needs (web design and development, SEO, content writing, graphic design, e-mail marketing, social media management, transcription and a lot more).


What I do aside from work?

Like most people, I also take a break from work once in a while. I go hiking and camping with my family. If not in the mountains, we just travel and explore places. I also collect banknotes of every country we visit.

This is one thing I liked the most in freelancing. I was able to do these things without worrying about taking leaves and work schedule because I handle my own time. Don't worry. Before I take a break, I see to it that all the tasks are done. I always deliver work on or before the agreed deadline. And most of the times, I still work even we're traveling.

So yeah! Bring it on! I'm ready to take more projects and I assure you that you'll be satisfied with my work.


Having a good functioning website is crucial to one's business. Maybe that's why you are here. I can make an effective and one-of-a-kind website that will enable you to capture more leads, attract customers, keep them coming back and generate more revenue.

I would love to have a friendly chat with you about your next project and to see how I could help. Don't worry, I will not say technical terms and make things as easy and as smooth as possible.